Cup of Coffee: June 5, 2024

Montas, Gil, and Witt shine, Marcano is banned, Ippei pleads guilty, the A's wanna wander, and bad news for the Astros

Hi everyone.

it became fairly clear early yesterday that a number of you did not receive the newsletter. Unlike past instances in which this has happened, this does not seem to be a sending issue as, per the site metrics, Beehiiv mailed out the newsletter to the exact number of subscribers I have on record. When I checked the accounts of everyone who notified me of a non-delivery, however, I was able to see that the newsletter was bounced by their email servers. There was no pattern I could discern for the bouncing. The newsletter was not only bounced by one email provider. Multiple email providers bounced it.

I do not know why this happened. All I can think is that because yesterday’s newsletter contained a whole lot more photos than usual that something looked odd about it to many servers and they rejected it for that reason. I have notified Beehiiv of the problem, but I don’t yet have an answer. My hope is that today things get delivered as normal but, as I will be flying back home to Ohio this AM, I will not be able to monitor things as they’re happening.

I am very sorry about these sorts of hiccups, the sort of which seem to be happening with increasing frequency and affecting more and more subscribers each time they occur. To say I am displeased about it is an understatement, but please know that I am committed to figuring out what has been going wrong. And if I cannot do so, figuring out where to go next, because in such a case it will be clear that Beehiiv is inadequate to what should be the straightforward task at hand.

With that out of the way . . .

As mentioned, I am traveling back to Ohio this morning, so today we have one more not-as-intense as usual newsletter before things return to normal tomorrow.

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