Cup of Coffee: June 3, 2024

Tommy Pham, Fenway Park, old friends, a cruise and plans for Cape Cod

Good morning!

As I mentioned on Friday, I’m in Boston. The weekend was spent doing some things with friends and going to the Sox-Tigers game on Saturday. Today through Wednesday I’m visiting a very old friend and her family, hanging out, catching up, and things like that.

As a result of actually sort of living a life during this time, today’s and the next couple of newsletters are going to be quicker hits — at least compared to my usual standard — as opposed to regular editions. I hope that’s OK. Because if it’s not we’re gonna have a really big problem when I go to England next week. This may be the busiest June, in non-working terms, I’ve had in some time but, again, I hope you’ll understand.

Anyway, today I talk a bit about my Saturday in Fenway Park and a couple of other bits and bobs.

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