Cup of Coffee: June 26, 2024

Vlad has a change of heart, a trade, a can of poop, gobbling up the minors, Jesse Winker, Bright Eyes, the New York Times, Jamiroquai, Rosa Parks, and beans

Good morning!

Today we talk about benches-clearing in San Diego, a bad Gerrit Cole start, and how, when it comes to Vlad Guerrero Jr.’s take on the Yankees, things can change. We also discuss a trade of a guy I didn’t realize was still playing, a can of poop, the company that is gobbling up minor league teams, a possible new name for an elbow procedure, Jesse Winker forgetting where he’s supposed to be, and the Mets catching a stray in a new pop song.

In Other Stuff I rant a bit about the New York Times’ approach to tomorrow’s debate, express my extreme disappointment at the guy from Jamiroquai, think of how, um, seductive (?) Rosa Parks was, consider an underrated tourist destination, and bear witness to an anti-labor gambit that really takes some beans.

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