Cup of Coffee: June 12, 2024

A quick one before I go away

Good morning!

As I’ve mentioned, As of this morning I am officially on vacation.

Today I skipped the recaps due to packing pressure and getting-out-the-door stress. I did have some time for some quick hits, of course, so there is stuff to talk about.

I’m sort of playing it by ear the rest of the time I’m gone, however. There will not be a newsletter on Thursday morning. Beyond that I’ll probably at least send out a “hi hello” sort of thing on most days. If jet lag and the time difference and me having nothing to do in the early Manchester/London/Brighton hours messes with me enough I may write longer on a day or two. I have no idea. Like I said: we’ll play it by ear.

Thanks for bearing with my busy June travel schedule. Let’s get on with things, such as things are today, anyway.

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