Cup of Coffee: July 5, 2024

Recaps, a nut shot, the UK election, more Kamala Harris pondering, and the DooDah Parade

Good morning!

Days after a holiday, amiright?

If you didn’t actually read on the holiday yesterday — and I get it if you didn’t — know that I wrote a lot of words about the whole Joe Biden thing and my angst about our country sliding into a fascist dystopia. You know, the usual Fourth of July stuff. Anyway, if you did miss it, it was the usual Free Thursday dealio and you can read it here.

As for today: we have recaps. We basically have no baseball news because off-the-field baseball apparently took the day off, but I at least put a video in there for funsies. In Other Stuff I talk a bit about the UK election, a little more Kamala Harris stuff, and the DooDah Parade.

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