Cup of Coffee: July 3, 2024

A DFA, other baseball clocks, AI dystopia, my disappointment with Biden, the New York Times' denial, and how my escape-from-America plan has been complicated

Good morning!

A big name was DFA’d yesterday, the reason for Craig Monroe’s absence was confirmed, and we have a fun guest post which outlines the various other sorts of clocks we should have in baseball besides the pitch clock.

In Other Stuff I bring the bleak once again. Sorry about that, but I gotta call the world as I see it. Specifically, I talk about the latest bit of AI dystopia, my sadness at Joe Biden’s response to the presidential immunity decision, my eye-rolling at the New York Times denial of just how bad that ruling was, my surprise at just how quickly Trump is taking advantage of his power grab, my request to Biden about who he should use his new powers to nuke, and how my escape-from-America plan has been complicated somewhat.

Let’s get sad, everyone.

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