Cup of Coffee: Jul 2, 2024

Serious allegations against a broadcaster and the protracted death of American democracy. You know, the usual.

Good morning!

There was barely any baseball action last night, but that’s OK because most of us are preoccupied with the death of the American Experiment. I cover what little baseball news there is — including one item about serious allegations against a broadcaster which it seems no one else is picking up — but for the most part I’m preoccupied with Other Stuff today.

As for that Other Stuff: come Thursday we were about to celebrate 248 years without a king, but a Supreme Court consisting of a majority of Justices who were appointed by presidents who failed to win the popular vote effectively restored the monarchy yesterday. And not some hollow, powerless monarchy like The House of Windsor. This is a Plantagenet/Bourbon-style L'État, c'est moi kind of deal.

It’s bad. Worse than the stuff the Supreme Court did on Friday, which gave me no small amount of agita yesterday. Maybe if we talk through it here today we’ll feel better. If we do that’ll be false comfort because, as noted, it’s bad, but I suppose feeling better if only for a little while is good too.

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